When it comes to our bodies, we’re equally vulnerable.

Childbirth; breast cancer; injury and sexual assault.  Women around the world share many of the same experiences and face many of the same risks.  At some point in our lives it’s likely we’ll need safe surgery to survive them.

For millions of women that won’t be an option.

In low-resource countries, lack of training and equipment makes the most essential operations difficult to access and desperately unsafe.  Pregnant women will carry their babies for nine months and die in delivery – others will risk their lives on the operating room table because they have no alternative.

Unsafe surgery is a global crisis, silencing millions of women around the world.

Join Lifebox in talking about it.

About us collage_largeAbout Lifebox: 

Lifebox is leading the fight to make surgery safer for everyone.  We’re a global NGO focused on four key areas:

   Equipment                          Education                   Safety Checks                   Sustainability

We distribute an equipment and education package proven to reduce complications and mortality in the operating room by more than 40%.

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